Walter & Jesse - Blocks Figures

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Introducing our Jesse Pinkman and Walter White block figurines, exquisitely designed for the die-hard 'Breaking Bad' enthusiasts. These figures, while minimalist in their block-style design, capture the essence of the iconic duo that took television by storm. Assembled with precision and care, they're an impeccable addition to any collector's display or a perfect gift for fans of the acclaimed series.


  • Iconic Designs: Each figurine is carefully crafted to represent the iconic looks of Jesse Pinkman and Walter White. From Jesse's beanie and street attire to Walter's signature hat and glasses, no detail is overlooked.

  • Quality Craftsmanship: Constructed using top-grade materials, these block figurines promise durability without compromising on the visual appeal.

  • Collectible Appeal: Limited in numbers, these block figurines are true collector's items, ensuring you own a unique piece of 'Breaking Bad' memorabilia.

  • Compact Size: Standing proudly at a desk-friendly size, they're the perfect adornment for your workspace, living room, or collector's shelf.

  • Gift Ready: Packaged in a themed 'Breaking Bad' box, they're ready to be gifted to that special fan in your life.

These block figurines not only celebrate the brilliance of 'Breaking Bad' but also offer fans a delightful, tangible connection to their favorite characters. Secure yours now before they're gone!

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David Miller
Great set

Solid build and fun to make